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He Is So Precious to Me

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So precious is Jesus, my Saviour, my King,
His praise all the day long with rapture I sing;
To Him in my weakness for strength I can cling,
For He is so precious to me.

For he is so precious to me, for He is so precious to me,
'Tis heaven below My Redeemer to know,
For He is so precious to me.

He stood at my heart's door in sunshine and rain,
And patiently waited an entrance to gain;
What shame that so long he entreated in vain.
For He is so precious to me.

I stand on the mountain of blessing at last,
No cloud in the heavens a shadow to cast;
His smile is upon me, the valley is past.
For He is so precious to me.

I praise Him because He appointed a place
Where, someday, through faith in His wonderful grace,
I know I shall see Him, shall look on His face.
For He is so precious to me.

Song Info

Author: Charles H. Gabriel
Composer: Charles H. Gabriel