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These songs have been recorded to help saints:

  1. Become familiar with the songs
  2. Learn the Words (for ALL the verses)
  3. Learn the Melody
  4. Perhaps even learn the Harmony Parts

...all with the goal of a local gathering being able to sing the spiritual songs together as an assembly, singing unto the Lord. (Eph 5:19, Col 3:16)


  • Become familiar with the songs by singing along...at home, at work, or when traveling
  • Give CDs to all in a local gathering, so all learn the songs and you can sing them when together
  • Play songs to your children so they learn them (bedtime, while playing...)
  • Listen to a song then discuss Scriptures which relate to it
  • Make your own CD to learn to sing harmony (see below)
  • Give a CD to a saint that can not get out to meetings


Recordings include vocal and piano recordings. These include 4 Part recordings, as well as recordings to help in learning a select harmony part (alto, tenor, or bass). In total there are 8 different types of files, as illustrated on the Songs page. For a few of the songs "Computer Piano" files are also available (these are midi or mp3 converted from midi). The mp3 files are named as: Song Name - Vocal or Piano - Part. For example, the file "A Mind at Perfect Peace with God - Vocal - Alto.mp3" is the voice recording of this song intended to help in learning alto.

Songs recorded on CDs generally have all types of recordings available. Many other songs have piano recordings available, though no vocal recordings at this point (because piano can be recorded more quickly). The songs with piano recordings is growing steadily, so check back often for more. These "4 Part" piano recordings are recorded as if accompanying a local assembly of saints in their singing. They should be a real help in learning the melody of the songs. We have enjoyed listening to and singing along with them.

Further detail is provided below on Harmony recordings.

On the individual page for a song, there may be a note related to the recording. For example, a note was added to the page for "On His Father's Throne is Seated" informing that the vocal recording was made in the key of B-flat, rather than the key of C as written in the hymn book. A pdf of the sheet music in B-flat is also included on this song's page.


There are various ways to obtain the recordings:

  1. Download files from the page for a particular song,
  2. Request an audio CD of one of the collections.
  3. Download a precompiled grouping of files from the link on the top of the Songs page, or from the links on the page for a given CD collection
  4. Use the Songs page and check off which files you want and then click the download button at the bottom page.

If using the 3rd or 4th option, you will download a zipped folder of the files. After downloading the files, extract the files from this folder.


To find a song, you may want to do one of the following:

  1. Scroll through the alphabetical list of song titles on the Songs page
  2. Review the songs listed by their number in a hymn book (click on the hymn book's image)
  3. Find a song based on a CD collection of which it is part (click on the CD's image)
  4. Search for words in the song (using the Search option on the Songs page)
  5. Search for the song based on an author or composer's name (using the Search option on the Songs page)


Recordings have been prepared to help in learning to sing a given harmony part (alto, tenor or bass). These recordings follow the basic structure:

  • Beginning Verse(s): harmony part alone
  • Middle Verse(s): harmony part plus melody
  • End Verse(s): all parts

May our singing of harmony fulfill the desire that multiple saints can unify together as one full, combined voice around one glorious object - the Lord Jesus!