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O God of Matchless Grace

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Worship & Remembrance # 108


Voice # 97
Satisfaction # 21


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O God of matchless grace,
We sing unto Thy name!
We stand accepted in the place
That none but Christ could claim.
Our willing hearts have heard Thy voice,
And in Thy mercy we rejoice.

'Tis meet that Thy delight
Should center in Thy Son:
That Thou shouldst place us in Thy sight,
In Him Thy Holy One!
Thy perfect love has cast out fear,
Thy favor shines upon us here!

Eternal is our rest,
O Christ of God, in Thee!
Now of Thy peace, Thy joy possessed,
We wait Thy face to see.
Now to the Father's heart received,
We know in whom we have believed.

A sacrifice to God,
In life or death are we;
Then keep us ever, blessed Lord!
Thus set apart to Thee.
Bought with a price, we're not our own,
We died, we live to God alone!

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Author: Hannah K. Burlingham