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Glory unto Jesus

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Down from the splendor of His everlasting home,
Came the Lord of Glory for our guilt to atone;
Son of God, Eternal, He the sinner's surety stood,
Paid the sinner's ransom in His precious blood.

Glory! Glory! Glory unto Jesus,
Anyone, everyone, He can fully save;
Glory! Glory! Glory unto Jesus,
Hallelujah! All who trust Him He will save.

O'er death triumphant He is risen from the grave,
Back to heav'n ascended Jesus now lives to save;
Nothing else remaineth but salvation to receive,
And the way to get it is to just believe.

Come then to Jesus; do not longer stay away,
Come and take salvation, take it now while you may;
Heav'nly voices call you, and the Saviour waits to bless,
Come to Him believing, and His name confess.

Song Info

Author: J. Walker
Composer: Robert Lowry