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He'll Come and Tarry Not

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O child of God, there is for thee, A hope that shines amid the gloom,
A gladsome hope that thou shalt see Thy Lord, for He will surely come.

He'll come, (yes, He'll come) yes, He'll come and tarry not;
He'll come, (yes, He'll come) yes, He'll come and tarry not;
He'll come, (yes, He'll come) He'll come, (yes, He'll come)
He'll come and tarry not. (and tarry not)

When in this world His hands had made, No room was found for Jesus then;
The mountainside was oft His bed; Now, glorified, He comes again.

Exalted now to heaven's throne, The Saviour there of sinful men;
His loving heart yearns o'er His own, And for them He will come again.

O child of God, thy lot may be Oft mixed with trial, grief and pain;
Look up, He'll surely come for thee: He says, "I'll quickly come again."

Then joy unmingled will be thine, Earth's tears and trials all forgot;
So cheer thy heart, no more repine, His word is sure: He'll tarry not.

Song Info

Author: T. D. W. Muir
Composer: William J. Kirkpatrick