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Oh Jesus, Gracious Savior (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 267



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O Jesus, gracious Savior, Upon the Father’s throne-
Whose wondrous love and favor Have made our cause Thine own;
Thy people to Thee ever For grace and help repair,
For Thou they know will never Refuse their griefs to share.

O Lord, through tribulation Our pilgrim journey lies,
Through scorn and sore temptation, And watchful enemies;
Midst never-ceasing dangers We through the desert roam;
As pilgrims here and strangers, We seek the rest to come.

O Lord, Thou too once hasted This weary desert thro’
Once fully tried and tasted Its bitterness and woe;
And hence Thy heart is tender, In truest sympathy,
Though now the heavens render All praise O Lord to Thee.

Song Info

Author: James G. Deck
Composer: Samuel S. Wesley