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The Holiest We Enter (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 123



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The holiest we enter In perfect peace with God,
Through whom we found our center In Jesus and His blood:
Though great may be our dullness In thought and word and deed,
We glory in the fullness Of Him that meets our need.

Much incense is ascending Before th' eternal throne;
God graciously is bending To hear each feeble groan;
To all our prayers and praises Christ adds His sweet perfume,
And love the censer raises, These odors to consume.

O God, we come with singing, Because the great High Priest
Our names to Thee is bringing, Nor e’er forgets the least:
For us He wears the mitre, Where holiness shines bright,
For us His robes are whiter than heav’n’s unsullied light.

Song Info

Author: Mary Bowley Peters
Composer: Lowell Mason