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Watch for Me, For I am Coming (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 197



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Deeper grows the darkness ‘round us Fiercer grows the strife;
Still our absent Lord obeying, Yield we but with life.

“Watch for Me, for I am coming,” This His promise still;
And our hearts respond with gladness, “Blessed Lord, we will!”

Satan’s mighty hosts assail us, Spreading snares around;
Striving by all arts to drive us From this holy ground.

Hearts grow faint, and eyes grow weary, Watching thro’ the night;
But we know a day of splendor Dawns with morning light.

Then the waiting time is ended, Then the battle won;
Then the Lord will crown the victors With His glad “Well done!”

Song Info

Author: A.S.M.
Composer: Philip P. Bliss