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Son of God, Twas Love that Made Thee

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Son of God, 'twas love that made Thee,
Die, our ruined sins souls to save;
'Twas our sins' vast load that laid Thee,
Lord of life, within the grave;
But Thy glorious resurrection showed
Thee conqueror o'er the tomb;
So the saints by Thy protection
Through Thy work shall overcome.

Thou to heav'n hast now ascended,
ent'ring there by Thine own blood;
All Thy work of suff'ring ended,
Fully wrought the will of God.
For Thy Church Thou still art caring,
For us pleading in Thy love;
And our place of rest preparing
In the Father's house above.

Now the Holy Ghost doth gather
Unto God Thy people here;
We, as sons, cry, "Abba, Father!"
His great love excluding fear:
What a debt of love we owe Thee,
Love that we can ne'er express,
Since we, through the Spirit, know Thee,
Christ the Lord, our righteousness.

Son of God, with joy we praise Thee
On the Father's throne above;
All Thy wondrous work displays Thee,
Full of grace and full of love!
Lord, accept our adoration--
For our sins Thou once wast slain;
Through Thy blood we have salvation;
Soon shall share Thine endless reign!

Song Info

Author: Unknown vs. 1-3. S. P. Tregelles vs. 4
Composer: C. C. Williams