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Sacrifice Means Sacrifice

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Sacrifice Means Sacrifice

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Saints, sacrifice means sacrifice: not pleasure but a cross;
For sacrifice has a great cost: count everything else loss!
And sacrifice means holiness: All God's in purity;
But sacrifice is sensible, for His grace set us free!
For His grace set us free!

For sacrifice means holy ways; pure, godly, righteous, true;
Not living like this world around, not doing what they do;
But living for the Christ who died, and walking like You too;
So in that day, You find delight as all things You review!
As all things You review!

Lord Jesus Christ, Who bore a cross, for us Your life laid down;
We see You risen, glorified, and seated - giv'n a crown;
Our bodies we now give to You; Oh Lord, do make us wise!
Give grace to rightly know Your will, so our deeds please Your eyes.
So our deeds please Your eyes.

Song Info

Author: B Hulshizer
Composer: B Hulshizer
Note: Based on Romans 12:1-2