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How Wondrous a Savior

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Truth & Praise # 331



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How wondrous a Savior is God's blessed Son!
How great and eternal the work He has done!
God's glory maintained by His death on the tree,
While mercy flows freely to you and to me!

How free is the pardon His blood has procured!
How blessed the welcome His name has ensured
To all who confess Him as Savior and Lord,
Now brought into favor, believing His Word.

On Calvary see Him, Who died in our stead,
Exhausting God's judgment, when for us He bled;
God's wrath He endured on Calvary's tree.
By weakness and dying, the victor was He!

Oh why remain distant when God calls you near -
In love that dismisses all bondage and fear?
Oh why remain Christ-less, when you may be blessed?
Oh why remain weary, when Christ gives you rest?

The moments are fleeting; then haste why delay?
Secure God's salvation while still 'tis today!
Eternity's ages your soul has to face -
In blackness of darkness or riches of grace.

Song Info

Author: L. H. Farrell
Composer: B Hulshizer
Note: Recording is with an alternate tune (different from what is in HTP)