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[Recording forthcoming, Lord willing]

Our Lord is now rejected, And by the world disowned,
By the many still neglected, And by the few enthroned;
But soon He’ll come in glory! The hour is drawing nigh,
For the crowning day is coming By-and-by.

O the crowning day is coming, Is coming by-and-by,
When our Lord shall come in power And glory from on high.
O the glorious sight will gladden Each waiting, watchful eye,
In the crowning day that’s coming By-and-by.

The heavens shall glow with splendor, But brighter far than they,
The saints shall shine in glory, As Christ shall them array.
The beauty of the Savior Shall dazzle every eye,
In the crowning day that’s coming By-and-by.

Our pain shall then be over, We’ll sin and sigh no more,
Behind us all of sorrow, And naught but joy before,
A joy in our Redeemer, As we to Him are nigh,
In the crowning day that’s coming By-and-by.

Let all that look for hasten The coming joyful day,
By earnest consecration, To walk the narrow way;
By gathering in the lost ones, For whom our Lord did die,
For the crowning day that’s coming By-and-by.

Song Info

Author: D. W. Whittle
Composer: James McGranahan