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He the Pearly Gates Will Open

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Truth & Praise # 338



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Love divine, so great and wondrous,
Deep and mighty, pure, sublime;
Coming from the heart of Jesus -
Just the same through tests of time.

He the pearly gates will open
So that I may enter in;
For He purchased my redemption
And forgave me all my sin.

Like a dove when hunted, frightened,
As a wounded fawn was I;
Broken-hearted, yet He healed me -
He will heed the sinner's cry.

Love divine, so great and wondrous -
All my sins He then forgave.
I will sing His praise forever
For His blood, His power to save.

In life's eventide, at twilight,
At His door I'll knock and wait;
By the precious love of Jesus,
I shall enter heaven's gate.

Song Info

Author: Fred Blom
Composer: Elsie Ahlwen