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My Glorious Victor, Prince Divine

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Truth & Praise # 535



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My glorious Victor, Prince divine,
Clasp these surrendered hands in Thine;
At length my will is all Thine own,
Glad vassal of a Saviour's throne.

My Master, lead me to Thy door;
Pierce this now willing ear once more;
Thy bonds are freedom; let me stay
With thee to toil, endure, obey.

Yes, ear and hand, and thought and will -
Use all in Thy dear slavery still!
Self's weary liberties I cast
Beneath Thy feet; there keep them fast.

Tread them still down; and then, I know,
These hands shall with Thy gifts o'erflow;
And pierced ears shall hear the tone
Which tells me Thou and I are one.

Song Info

Author: Handley C. G. Moule
Composer: Alfred Scott-Gatty