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How Vast, How Full, How Free

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Truth & Praise # 248


Voice # 45

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How vast, how full, how free, the mercy of our God!
Proclaim the blessed news around, and spread it all abroad.

Blessed, blessed news:
Mercy ev'n for thee,
Flowing from the heart of God, -
So vast, so full, so free!

How vast! "Whoever will" may drink at mercy's stream,
And know that faith in Jesus brings salvation ev'n to him.

How full! It doth remove the stain of every sin,
And leave the conscience white and pure as though no sin had been.

How free! It asks no price, for God delights to give;
It only says a simple thing "Believe on Christ and live."

Poor trembling sinner, "come!" God waits to comfort thee;
Oh, cast thyself upon His love, so vast, so full, so free!

Song Info

Author: Albert Midlane
Composer: Robert L. Haslup