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O Wonderful Love of My God!

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I sing of the love of my Father,
Who chose me, I cannot tell why;
He might have condemned me,
but rather He sent His Beloved to die.

O wonderful, wonderful love of my God,
Redeeming my soul at the cost of the blood!
I cannot conceive it, but O I believe it
- This wonderful love of my God!

I sing of the love of my Savior,
Who left heaven's glory to be
A ransom for sin, that God's favor
might justly be given to me.

I sing of the love of the Spirit.
My Comforter, Teacher and Guide,
By whose gracious pow'r I inherit
The blessings Christ bought when He died.

I sing of God's love - O receive it!
God loves the whole world, He loves you!
For you Jesus died, - O believe it!
This wonderful love is for you.

Song Info

Author: W. R. Newell
Composer: Daniel B. Towner
Note: Choice Hymns 91