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Holy Savior, We Adore Thee

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Holy Savior, we adore Thee, Seated on the throne of God;
Soon in glory, all before Thee Shall proclaim Thy praise abroad.
"Thou art worthy," "Thou art worthy,"
We were ransomed by Thy blood.

Savior, though the world despised Thee, Though Thou here wast crucified,
Yet the Father's glory raised Thee, Lord of all creation wide.
"Thou art worthy," "Thou art worthy,"
We shall live, for Thou hast died.

And though here on earth rejected, 'Tis but fellowship with Thee;
Should we not with joy expect it Here like The, our Lord, to be?
"Thou art worthy," "Thou art worthy,"
Thou from earth hast set us free.

Haste the day of Thine appearing, With Thy ransomed saints to reign,
Then shall end all days of mourning, We shall sing with triumph then.
"Thou art worthy," "Thou art worthy."
Come, Lord Jesus, quickly come.

Song Info

Author: Samuel P. Tregelles
Composer: Henry Smart