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Truth & Praise # 96
Worship & Remembrance # 136


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Worthy of homage and praise;
Worthy by all to be adored:
Exhaustless theme of heav'nly lays!
Thou, Thou are worthy, Jesus, Lord.

Now seated on Jehovah's throne,
The Lamb once slain, in glory bright:
'Tis thence Thou watchest o'er Thine own,
Guarding us thro' the deadly fight.

To Thee, e'en now, our song we raise,
Tho' sure the tribute mean must prove:
No mortal tongue can tell Thy ways,
So full of light and life and love.

Yet, Savior, Thou shalt have full praise:
We soon shall meet Thee on the cloud,
We soon shall see Thee face to face,
In glory praising as we would.

Song Info

Author: Miss F. T. Wigram
Composer: Robert Schumann