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Thy Name We Love, Lord Jesus

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Truth & Praise # 104
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Thy name we love, Lord Jesus,
And lowly bow before thee;
And while we live to Thee we give
All blessing, worship, glory.
We sing aloud Thy praises,
Our hearts and voices blending,
'Tis Thou alone we worthy own,
Thy beauty's all transcending.

Thy name we love, Lord Jesus
It tells God's love unbounded
To ruined man ere time began,
Or heav'n and earth were founded.
Thine is a love eternal,
That found in us its pleasure,
That brought Thee low to bear our woe,
And make us Thine own treasure.

Thy name we love, Lord Jesus
It tells Thy birth so lowly,
Thy patience, grace, Thy gentleness,
Thy lonely path, so holy.
Thou wast the "Man of Sorrows;"
Our grief, too, Thou didst bear it;
Our bitter cup, Thou drankest up;
Thy thorny crown,- didst wear it.

Thy name we love, Lord Jesus
God's lamb - Thou was ordained
To bear our sins (Thyself all clean),
And hast our guilt sustained;
We see Thee crowned in glory,
Above the heav'ns now seated,
The vict'ry won, Thy work well done,
Our righteousness completed.

Song Info

Author: W. Yerbury
Composer: From W. Gawler