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The Person of the Christ

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Truth & Praise # 50
Worship & Remembrance # 297


Voice # 133
Beholding # 2
Challenge Wk 07 # 10


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The person of the Christ,
Enfolding ev'ry grace,
Once slain, but now alive again,
In heav'n demands our praise.

With joy of Him we sing,
Since we with Him are dead:
Our life is hid with Christ in God,
In Christ the Church's Head.

The heav'ns are opened now!
Proclaim thro' earth abroad;
And we, by faith, in heav'n behold
Our Savior, Christ, the Lord!

Song Info

Author: Miss F. T. Wigram
Composer: J. G. Naegeli; Arrang. Lowell Mason