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The Matchless Worth

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Truth & Praise # 56
Worship & Remembrance # 6


Voice # 131
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Come let us sing the matchless worth,
And sweetly sound the glories forth
Which in the Savior shine:
To God and Christ our praises bring;
The song, with which the heavens ring,
Now let us gladly join, Now let us gladly join.

How rich the precious blood He spilt,
Our ransom from the dreadful guilt
Of sin against our God.
How perfect is His righteousness,
In which unspotted beauteous dress
His saints have always stood,
His saints have always stood.

Great are the offices He bears
And bright His character appears,
Exalted on the throne;
In songs of sweet untiring praise
We would to everlasting days,
Make all His glories known,
Make all His glories known.

And soon the happy day shall come
When we shall reach our destined home,
And see Him face to face;
Then with our Savior, Master, Friend,
The glad eternity we'll spend,
And celebrate His grace,
And celebrate his grace.

Song Info

Author: Samuel Medley
Composer: Wolfgang A. Mozart; Arrang. by Lowell Mason