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That Man of Calvary

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Truth & Praise # 285


Voice # 128
Satisfaction # 9


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Fairest of all the earth beside,
Chiefest of all unto Thy bride,
Fullness Divine in Thee I see,
Beautiful Man of Calvary!

That Man of Calvary
Has won my heart from me,
And died to set me free,
Blest Man of Calvary!

Drinking a dire and dreadful cup,
Crucified Jesus lifted up,
Bearing our guilt and misery,
Sorrowful Man of Calvary!

Granting the sinner life and peace,
Granting the captive sweet release,
Shedding His blood to make us free,
Merciful Man of Calvary!

Comfort of all my earthly way,
Jesus, I'll meet Thee some sweet day,
Center of glory, Thee I'll see,
Wonderful Man of Calvary!

Gathered with Thee eternally,
Sharing Thy love by glassy sea,
Like Thee forever I shall be,
Glorified Man of Calvary!

Song Info

Author: M. P. Ferguson; J. M. Hervey
Composer: M. P. Ferguson
Note: Vocal recording holds last note of verses as commonly sung. Piano recording does not hold, as written.