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No Bone of Thee Was Broken (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 99



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No bone of Thee was broken,
Thou spotless, paschal Lamb!
Of life and peace a token
To us who know Thy Name;
The Head, for all the members,
The curse--the vengeance bore,
And God, our God, remembers
His people's sins no more.

We, Thy redeem'd, are reaping
What Thou didst sow in tears;
This feast which we are keeping
Thy Name to us endears;
It tells of justice hiding
The face of God from Thee;
Proud men around deriding
Thy sorrows on the tree.

Thy death of shame and sorrow
Was like unto Thy birth,
Which would no glory borrow,
No majesty from earth.
Thy pilgrims, we are hasting
To our eternal home,
Its joy already tasting
Of vict'ry o'er the tomb.

Thy life and death reviewing,
We tread the narrow way;
Our homeward path pursuing,
We watch the dawn of day.
We eat and drink with gladness
The symbols bread and wine,
And sing with sweetest sadness
Our song of love divine.

Song Info

Author: Robert C. Chapman
Composer: "Meiningen Gesang-Buch"