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Lord Jesus, We Love Thee (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 89



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To the Tune of 87 and 88 of Worship and Rememberance

LORD Jesus, we love Thee, and joyfully pour
The praises of worshipping hearts at Thy feet;
Lord Jesus, we love Thee; we love and adore
The name that to God and to us is so sweet.

Thy name, blessed Lord, is as ointment poured forth;
And, e'en as we utter it, fragrance doth rise
To the Father, who only its excellent worth,
Its matchless perfection, in fulness can prize.

Oh, name of sweet savour, a savour of rest--
The name of the Victim, the Lamb that was slain!
Oh, name of God's loved One in whom we are blest!
Oh, name ever worthy all homage to gain!

Blest Lord, in Thy name would we boast all day long,
And praise till we reach Thee on heaven's bright shore;
Thou shalt be for ever our joy and our song;
Lord Jesus, we love Thee, we love and adore.

Song Info

Author: C. H. Von Poseck
Composer: Adoniram J. Gordon