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Worship & Remembrance # 80



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Jesus, wondrous Savior!
Christ, of kings the King!
Angels fall before Thee,
Prostrate, worshipping;
Fairest they confess Thee
In the heav'n above.
We would sing Thee fairest
Here in hymns of love.

All earth's flowing pleasures
Were a wintry sea;
Heav'n itself without Thee
Dark as night would be.
Lamb of God! Thy glory
Is the light above.
Lamb of God! Thy glory
Is the life of love.

Life is death, if severed
From Thy throbbing heart.
Death with life abundant
At Thy touch would start.
Worlds and men and angels
All consist in Thee,
Yet Thou camest to us
In humility.

Jesus! All perfections
Rise and end in Thee;
Brightness of God's glory
Thou, eternally.
Favored beyond measure
They Thy face who see;
May we, gracious Savior,
Share this ecstasy.

Song Info

Author: D. A. McGregor
Composer: Thomas Hastings