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Rejoice and Be Glad

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Truth & Praise # 42



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Rejoice and be glad!
The Redeemer has come!
Go look on His cradle,
His cross and His tomb.

Sound His praises!
Tell the story
Of Him who was slain!
Sound His praises!
Tell with gladness
He liveth again!

Rejoice and be glad!
Now the pardon is free!
The Just for the unjust
Has died on the tree.

Rejoice and be glad!
For the Lamb that was slain
O’er death is triumphant,
And liveth again.

Rejoice and be glad!
For our Lord is on high:
He pleaded for us on
His throne in the sky!

Rejoice and be glad!
For He cometh again!
He cometh in glory, -
The Lamb that was slain.

Song Info

Author: Horatius Bonar
Composer: John J. Husband