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O Spotless Lamb of God

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Truth & Praise # 132
Worship & Remembrance # 170


Voice # 103
Beholding # 19


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O spotless Lamb of God, in Thee
The Father's holiness we see;
And with delight Thy children trace,
In Thee, His wondrous love and grace.

For Thou didst leave Thy throne above
To teach us that our God is Love;
And now we see His glory shine
In every word and deed of Thine.

When we behold Thee, Lamb of God,
Beneath our sin's tremendous load;
Expiring on the accursed tree,
How great our guilt, with grief we see.

There we with joy Thy grace behold;
It's height and depth can ne'er be told!
It bursts our chains and sets us free,
And sweetly draws our souls to Thee.

The cross reveals Thy love below;
But better soon our hearts shall know,
When we behold Thy face above,
The fulness of our Father's love.

Song Info

Author: Mary J. Walker
Composer: Henry W. Baker