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We'll Praise Thee Glorious Lord (words only)

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Truth & Praise # 110
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We'll praise Thee, glorious Lord,
Who died to set us free,
No earthly songs can joy afford
Like heavenly melody.

Love that no suffering stayed,
We'll praise true love divine;
Love that for us atonement made,
Love that has made us Thine.

Love in Thy lonely life
Of sorrow here below;
Thy words of grace, with mercy rife,
Make grateful praises flow.

Love that on death's dark vale
Its sweetest odors spread,
Where sin o'er all seemed to prevail,
Redemption's glory shed.

And now we see Thee risen,
Who once for us hast died,
Seated above the highest heaven,
The Father's glorified.

Jesus, we wait for Thee,
With Thee to have our part;
What can full joy and blessing be
But being where Thou art?

Song Info

Author: J. N. Darby
Composer: Lewis Hartsough