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Our Great High Priest is Sitting (words only)

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Our great High Priest is sitting At God’s right hand above,
For us His hands uplifting, In sympathy and love:
Whilst here below, in weakness, We onward speed our way;
In sorrow oft and sickness, We sigh, and groan, and pray.

Through manifold temptation, My soul holds on its course,
Christ’s mighty intercession Alone is my resource;
My gracious High Priest’s pleadings, Who on the cross did bleed,
Bring down God’s grace and blessings, Help in each hour of need.

O, Jesus, blessed Savior, We hope to see Thee soon,
Who once on earth did suffer, Who soon for us wilt come;
‘Twas God’s most gracious favor, That gave His Son to die, –
To live our Intercessor, To plead for us on high.

Song Info

Author: A. P. Cecil
Composer: Samuel S. Wesley