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O Happy Day! (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 264



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O happy day! when we first felt Our souls with deep contrition melt,
And saw our sins of crimson guilt, All cleansed by blood on Calv’ry spilt.

O happy day! when first Thy love Began our grateful hearts to move;
And gazing on Thy wondrous Cross, We saw all else as worthless dross.

O happy day! when we no more shall grieve Thee whom our souls adore,
When sorrows, conflicts, fears shall cease, And all our trials end in peace.

O happy day! when we shall see And fix our longing eyes on Thee,
On Thee, our Light, our Life, our Love, Our All below, our Heav’n above!

O happy day of cloudless light! Eternal day without a night;
Lord, when shall we its dawning see, And spend it all in praising Thee?

Song Info

Author: Phillip Doddridge
Composer: Lowell Mason