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Worship & Remembrance # 224



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We have a home above, From all defilement free;
A mansion which eternal love Prepared our rest to be.

The Father’s gracious hand Has built that blest abode;
From everlasting it was planned, The dwelling place of God.

The Savior’s precious blood Has made our title sure;
He passed through death's dark raging flood To make our rest secure.

The Comforter is come, The Earnest has been given;
He leads us onward to the home Reserved for us in heaven.

The love, most gracious Lord, Our joy and strength shall be;
Till Thou shalt speak the gladdening word That bid us rise to Thee.

And then through endless days, Where all Thy glories shine,
In happier, holier strains we’ll praise The grace that made us Thine.

Song Info

Author: Henry Bennett
Composer: Aaron Williams