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The Cloudless Day is Nearing (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 222



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The cloudless day is nearing, When Thou, O Lord, wilt come,
Thy radiant beauty wearing, To take Thy people home!
Bright hosts on hosts around Thee Shall catch Thy living rays,
And all who once have found Thee Breathe out new songs of praise.

But how shall I then know Thee Amid those hosts above?
What tokens true will show me The object of Thy love?
Thy glories, all excelling, In pure effulgence shine;
But glory in Thee dwelling Will ne’er proclaim Thee mine.

Thy wounds, Thy wounds, Lord Jesus, Those deep, deep wounds will tell
The sacrifice that frees us From self, and death, and hell!
These link Thee once forever With all who own Thy grace;
No hand these bonds can sever, No hands these scars efface.

O Jesus! Lord most blessed, Thou Lamb of God divine,
Thou standest forth confessed, I, wond’ring, claim Thee mine.
I worship and adore Thee, Transported with Thy love;
Prostrate myself before Thee, And dwell in light above.

Song Info

Author: C. A. H.
Composer: George J. Webb