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I Need Thee, Precious Savior (words only)

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I need Thee, precious Savior! Oh, Thou art all to me;
Before the throne forever, I stand complete in Thee.
Though Satan loud accuses, Yet I can ever see,
The blood of Christ most precious, The sinner’s perfect plea.

I need Thee, precious Savior! For I am very poor;
A stranger and a pilgrim, I have no earthly store.
I need Thy love, Lord Jesus, To cheer me on the way,
To guide my doubting footsteps, To be my strength and stay.

I need Thee, precious Savior! I need a friend like Thee:
A friend to soothe and comfort, A friend to care for me;
I need Thy heart, Lord Jesus, To feel each anxious care;
To bear my ev’ry burden, And all my sorrow share.

I need Thee, precious Savior! I need Thee day by day,
To fill me with Thy fullness, To lead me on my way:
I need Thy Holy Spirit To teach me what I am –
To show me more of Jesus, To point me to the Lamb.

I need Thee, precious Savior! And hope to see Thee soon,
Encircled with the rainbow, And seated on Thy throne.
There, with Thy blood-bought people, My joy shall ever be,
To sing Thy praise, Lord Jesus, And ever gaze on Thee.

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Author: Frederick Whitfield