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O Thou Great All-Gracious Shepherd (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 173



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O Thou great all-gracious Shepherd, Shedding for us Thy life‘s blood,
Unto shame and death delivered, All to bring us nigh to God!
Now our willing hearts adore Thee, Now we taste Thy dying love,
While by faith we come before Thee, Faith which lifts our souls above.

As our Surety we behold Thee, Ransoming our souls from death;
As the willing Victim view Thee, Yielding up to God Thy breath.
In this broken bread we own Thee, Bruised for us and put to shame;
And this cup, O Lord, we thank Thee, Speaks our pardon through Thy name.

But ‘tis past, and, Lord, we hail Thee Crowned with glory on the throne;
Meet it is Thy saints should bless Thee For the place Thy death has won:
Won for us, that in full measure we should have our part with Thee;
Taste the river of Thy pleasure, Share in all Thy victory.

Song Info

Author: Miss C. A. Wellesley
Composer: Charles C. Converse