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Worship & Remembrance # 154



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Jesus, blessed Lord and Savior, Bowed in death on Calv’ry’s tree,
Darkest hour of bitter judgment, Borne to set Thy people free;
Sweet our portion, sweet our portion, As we thus remember Thee.

From the highest heights of glory, To the cross of deepest shame,
Thus accomplishing redemption, Jesus in His pity came;
Precious Savior, precious Savior, We adore Thy matchless name!

From the darkness and the distance, From the crushing load of sin,
Blessed Savior, Thou hast freed us, By Thy blood hast made us clean:
In Thy beauty In Thy beauty Now Thy ransomed ones are seen.

Thus assured of Thine acceptance We to God may now draw near;
In the holiest may worship; Perfect love hath cast out fear;
To the Father To the Father We, in Christ, are near and dear.

Song Info

Author: G. de Mattos
Composer: Henry Smart