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I’m Waiting for Thee Lord (words only)

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I’m waiting for Thee, Lord, Thy beauty to see, Lord,
I’m waiting for Thee, for Thy coming again.
Thou’rt gone over there, Lord, A place to prepare, Lord,
Thy home I shall share at Thy coming again.

‘Mid danger and fear, Lord, I’m oft weary here, Lord;
The day must be near of Thy coming again.
‘Tis all sunshine there, Lord, no sighing or care, Lord,
But glory so fair at Thy coming again.

Whilst Thou art away, Lord, I stumble and stray, Lord;
O hasten the day of Thy coming again!
This is not my rest, Lord; A pilgrim confessed, Lord,
I wait to be blest at Thy coming again.

E’en now let my ways, Lord, Be bright with Thy praise, Lord,
For brief are the days ere Thy coming again.
I’m waiting for Thee, Lord, Thy beauty to see, Lord:
No triumph for me like Thy coming again!

Song Info

Author: Hannah K. Burlingham
Composer: George F. Root