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Once More Around Thy Table, Lord (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 278



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Once more around Thy table, Lord,
And heedful of Thy parting word,
Our hearts from earthly care set free
Have, in Thy death, remembered Thee.

Thyself Thou gavest, Son of God -
In love to us didst shed Thy blood;
Thyself Thou gavest to fulfil
The Father's own eternal will.

Thyself Thou gavest: may that word
Rest with us now in parting, Lord,
And lead us in devotion meet
To lay our lives at Thy blest feet.

Thyself Thou gavest, Lord; and we
Would wholly give ourselves to Thee
In simple faith and fervent love
To serve Thee 'till we meet above.

Song Info

Author: C. H. Von Poseck
Composer: Lowell Mason