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Saved by God's Great Grace

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Voice # 118

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Saved by God's Great Grace

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Saved by God's great grace:
What awesome might has made us who we are!
We were dead in sin, no hope within, but God has
Loved us with great love, Acted in great grace,
Made us alive with His strong arm!
Though we were like the rest, nature under wrath,
Now we sit with Christ on high!
All grace! For all we are is of our God, for we are
His own workmanship, created out of nothing! Bless His name!

Called out of the world,
What privilege now, though nations in the flesh!
Distant once, no hope, no promises, but in Christ
As near as Christ as; Bought with His own blood;
No law condemns; All peace with God.
Part of God's special plan; His church; one new man;
Christ's own body; saints; God's house!
So near! God dwells in us, we are Christ's bride, so let us
Worthy walk in love and labor, holy ways that show Christ here!

Song Info

Author: B Hulshizer
Composer: B Hulshizer
Note: Based on Ephesians. Arrangement in D. Sheet music lowered to key of C.