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O Thou, Whose Bounty Fills Our Cup (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 304



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O Thou, whose bounty fills our cup
With every blessing meet!
We give Thee thanks for every drop,
The bitter and the sweet.

We thank Thee for the desert road,
And for the river side;
For all Thy goodness has bestowed,
And all Thy grace denied.

We thank Thee for the smile and frown,
And for the gain and loss;
We bless thee for the future crown,
And for the present cross.

We bless Thee for the glad increase,
And for the waning joy;
And for the calm and settled peace
Which nothing can destroy.

Song Info

Author: Mrs. Jane Crewdson
Composer: Thomas A. Arnie
Note: Tune is same as "Am I a Soldier of the Cross"