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Longing for the Bride, Lord Jesus (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 292



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Longing for the bride, Lord Jesus,
Of Thy heart,
To be with Thee in the glory,
Where Thou art:
Love so groundless, grace so boundless
Wins my heart. Wins my heart.

When Thy blood-bought church, Lord Jesus,
Is complete;
When each soul is safely landed
At Thy feet;
What a story in the glory
She'll repeat! She'll repeat!

0 to praise Thee there Lord Jesus,
0 to grieve and wander from Thee
Never more!
Earth's sad story, closed in glory,
On yon shore! On yon shore!

Then Thy church will be, Lord Jesus
The display
Of Thy richest grace and kindness
In that day;
Marking pages, - wondrous stages
O'er earth's way. O'er earth's way.

Song Info

Author: Miss C. A. Wellesley
Composer: Mrs. E. Milne