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Revive Thy Work, O Lord! (words only)

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Truth & Praise # 447
Worship & Remembrance # 288



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"Revive Thy work, O Lord!"
Thy mighty arm make bare:
Speak with the voice which wakes the dead,
And make Thy people hear.

"Revive Thy work, O Lord!"
Disturb this sleep of death:
Quicken the smoldering embers, Lord,
By Thine almighty breath.

"Revive Thy work, O Lord!
Create soul-thirst for Thee:
And hungering for the Bread of Life
O may our spirits be!

"Revive Thy work, O Lord!"
Give power unto Thy Word;
Grant that Thy blessed gospel may
In living faith be heard.

"Revive Thy work, O Lord!"
And give refreshing showers:
The glory shall be all Thine own,
The blessing, Lord, be ours!

Song Info

Author: Albert Midlane
Composer: George T. Caldbeck