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Father, to Seek Thy Face (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 312



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Father, to seek Thy face Thy children now draw near;
Before the throne of grace with boldness we appear:
We plead His name, His precious blood,
Who loved, and made us priests to God.

No more we shun the light, No more Thy presence fear;
In robes of spotless white Before Thee we appear:
Our great high priest for us is there,
And He presents our praise and prayer.

No power have we to praise Thy name, O God of love;
Unless Thy Spirit raise our thoughts and hearts above;
His grace avails in all our needs,
May He our priestly worship lead!

Lord, give us faith to plead Thy true and faithful word;
Grace for each time of need, And help to us afford:
Thy promises in Christ are yea,
In Him, Amen! To endless day.

Song Info

Author: James G. Deck
Composer: William Havergal