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Worship & Remembrance # 81



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Just as Thou art, how wondrous fair,
Lord Jesus, all Thy members are!
A life divine to them is giv'n,
A long inheritance in heav'n.

Just as I was, I came to Thee,
An heir of wrath and misery;
Just as Thou art before the throne,
I stand in righteousness Thine own.

Just as Thou art, how wondrous free:
Loosed by the sorrows of the tree:
Savior! the curse, the wrath were Thine,
To give Thy saints this life divine.

Just as Thou art, O blissful ray,
That turned my darkness into day!
That woke me from my death in sin
To know my perfectness in Him.

Soon, soon, 'mid joys on joys untold,
Thou wilt this grace and love unfold,
Till worlds on worlds adoring see The part
Thy members have in Thee.

Song Info

Author: J. Denham Smith
Composer: Lowell Mason