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Jesus! Source of Life Eternal! (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 74



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Jesus! Source of life eternal! Jesus, Author of our breath!
Victor o’er the hosts infernal, By defeat, and shame and death,
Thou through deepest tribulation Deigned to pass for our salvation:
Thousand, thousand praises be, Lord of glory, unto Thee!

Thou, O Son of God! were bearing Cruel mockings, hatred, scorn;
Thou, the King of glory, wearing, For our sake, the crown of thorn:
Dying, Thou didst us deliver From the chains of sin forever;
Thousand, thousand praises be, Precious Savior, unto Thee!

All the shame men heaped upon Thee, Thou didst patiently endure;
Not the pains of death too bitter, Our redemption to procure:
Wondrous Thy humiliation To accomplish our salvation:
Thousand, thousand praises be, Precious Savior, unto Thee!

Heartfelt praise and adoration, Savior, thus to Thee we give:
For Thy life‘s humiliation, For Thy death, whereby we live;
All the grief Thou wert enduring, All the bliss Thou wert securing,
Evermore the theme shall be, Of Thanksgivings, Lord, to Thee.

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Author: Ernst C. Homburg