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Gracious God, We Worship Thee (words only)

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Gracious God, we worship Thee, Rev’rently we bow the knee;
Jesus Christ our only plea: Father, we adore Thee.

Vast Thy love – how deep, how wide – In the gift of Him who died;
Righteous claims all satisfied: Father, we adore Thee.

Low we bow before Thy face, Sons of God, O won-drous place!
Great the riches of Thy grace: Father, we adore Thee.

By Thy Spirit grant that we Worshippers in truth may be;
Praise, as incense, sweet to Thee: Father, we adore Thee.

Yet again our song we raise, Note of deep adoring praise;
Now – and soon through endless days: Father, we adore Thee.

Song Info

Author: S.T.F.
Composer: S. Trevor Fancis