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Lord Jesus, Thou Who Only Art

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Lord Jesus, Thou who only art
The endless source of purest joy,
O come and fill this longing heart;
may nought but Thee my thoughts employ.
Teach me on Thee to fix my eye,
For none but Thee can satisfy.

The joys of earth can never fill
The heart that’s tasted of Thy love;
No portion would I seek until
I reign with Thee, my Lord, above,
When I shall gaze upon Thy face,
And know more fully all Thy grace.

When from Thy radiant throne on high
Thou didst my fall and ruin see,
Thou cam’st on earth for me to die,
That I might share that throne with Thee.
Loved with an everlasting love,
My hopes, my joys are all above.

O what is all that earth can give?
I’m called to share in God’s own joy;
Dead to the world, in Thee I live,
In Thee I’ve bliss without alloy:
Well may I earthly joys resign;
All things are mine, and I am Thine!

Till Thou shalt come to take me home,
Be this my one ambition, Lord,
Self, sin, the world, to overcome,
Fast clinging to Thy faithful Word;
More of Thyself each day to know,
And more into Thine image grow.