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I am Crucified with Christ, so I am Dead

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Voice # 47

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I am crucified with Christ, so I am dead,
Jesus Christ now lives His life in me instead!
And the life that I now live,
I just look to Him to give,
All the power I need for praise Him I am dead!

For the Lord has said it, so I know it's true
That the old me is no good, so I am through
With my fight to follow law,
For my flesh will only fall,
So I give myself to Christ: All is for You!

Yes, my hands, my feet they all belong to Him;
I will no more yield my members unto sin;
I have died to sin with Christ
And I have risen to new life,
So my body is for Christ to live within.

Freedom, righteousness and peace at last abound,
As the Spirit of new life in Christ I've found!
For from sin I now am free
By the life of Christ in me,
And my body soon with glory will be crowned!

Song Info

Author: B Hulshizer
Note: Last verse has one note higher pitch in arrangement, and repeats first verse.