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I Have Everything I Need

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I Have Everything I Need


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Since I'm in Christ, I have everything I need;
For in Christ, God has everything He needs.
All God's righteous claims on the cross were met;
I now stand in Christ complete!
I now rest in God's own rest... in Christ.

Since I have died, Christ alone is Who I need.
Christ in me is my life, my everything!
Christ Who's gone above is my identity.
I am free from being me!
What a rest, this settled rest... in Christ!

Since I have Christ, man's religion fills no need.
Fleshly life can not offer anything.
Christ, my Life above, the Object of my mind,
He's the living Head, my Guide!
I will rest where God gives rest... in Christ.

Since I am full, there is nothing that I need.
Christ is all. "He's enough" I love to sing.
Once I'd lust and lie and fight to get for me;
Now forgiveness, love and peace!
What a rest! I'm free to bless... in Christ.

Song Info

Author: B Hulshizer
Composer: B Hulshizer
Note: A video with related Scripture teaching from Colossians is here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VLHiBQtST8