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Jesus! That Name Is Love (words only)

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[Recordings forthcoming, Lord willing]

JESUS! That name is Love, Jesus, our Lord!
Jesus, all names above, Jesus, the Lord!
Thou, Lord, our all must be; Nothing that's good have we,
Nothing apart from Thee, Jesus, our Lord!

As Son of man it was, Jesus, the Lord!
Thou gav'st Thy life for us, Jesus, our Lord!
Great was indeed Thy love, All other loves above,
Love Thou didst dearly prove, Jesus, our Lord!

Righteous alone in Thee, Jesus, the Lord!
Thou wilt a refuge be, Jesus, our Lord!
Whom then have we to fear, What trouble, grief, or care,
Since Thou art ever near, Jesus, our Lord!

Soon Thou wilt come again, Jesus, the Lord!
We shall be happy then, Jesus, our Lord!
When Thine own face we see, Then shall we like Thee be,
Then evermore with Thee, Jesus, our Lord!

Song Info

Author: James G. Deck
Composer: Arr. by Lowell Mason