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By Thee, O God, Invited (words only)

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Worship & Remembrance # 44



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[Recording forthcoming, Lord willing]

By Thee, O God, invited, We look unto the Son,
In whom Thy heart delighted, Who all Thy will hath done;
And by the one chief treasure Thy bosom freely gave,
Thine own pure love we measure, Thy willing mind to save.

O God of mercy — Father! The one unchanging claim,
The brightest hopes, we gather From Christ’s most precious name:
What always sounds so sweetly In Thine unwearied ear,
Has freed our souls completely From all our guilt and fear.

The trembling sinner feareth That God can ne’er forget;
But Christ's full payment cleareth His memory of all debt.
When naught beside could free us, Or set our souls at large,
Thy holy work, Lord Jesus, Secured a full discharge.

No wrath God’s heart retaineth To us-ward who believe;
No dread in ours remaineth As we His love receive;
Returning sons He kisses, And with His robe invests;
His perfect love dismisses All terror from our breasts.

Song Info

Author: Mary Bowley Peters
Composer: Lowell Mason